Community Activities

Our team is very involved in our local community, read about our latest activities below.

Fringe Festival

Anja has been providing legal services as a volunteer for the Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust which produces the annual Dunedin Fringe Festival and a number of other art events and projects. Anja's role on the Trust focuses on overseeing employment and supplier contracts on a regular basis. This has greatly helped the Festival to develop professional and secure relationships.

The Fringe Festival is focused on presenting innovative and entertaining art to the public. The work of the Trust is 100% charitable and largely focused on supporting the professional development of emerging artists.

The pro-bono legal work that Anja does for the trust helps ensure that all employment, contracting and other legal documentation safeguards the trust from legal difficulties and legal action.

This work is much appreciated and very important to the successful running of the trust.

Paul Smith
Dunedin Fringe Festival

Work Opportunities Trust

Anja has been providing legal and mediation services as a volunteer for the Work Opportunities Trust. This is a charitable organisation providing services to people with mental illness and disability.

Facilitators assist in supporting and placing people into mainstream employment.

Anja's role on the Trust since the late 1990s has been doing pro-bono legal work in a number of contract and employment situations, as well as providing her mediation services as and when required.

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