Mediation Services

Anja Klinkert works as a Resolution Institute accredited mediator and provides specifically tailored mediation services in relationship disputes, such as family, estate, elder, partnership, business, commercial, employment and neighbourhood disputes.

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Elder Mediation

Family members being confronted with the life challenges faced by an aging senior member can come together to address difficult decisions inherent in the aging process. They engage Anja Klinkert as a mediator to facilitate discussion among themselves, attorneys and aging adults, bringing in professionals (caregivers, medical, financial as required) to enable them to make appropriate decisions. Issues regarding the health and safety of a loved aging family member may involve legal and financial considerations which can cause significant family tensions. Anja Klinkert's role as mediator is to assist families in arriving at their own solutions while preserving and/ or improving relationships among the family. Constructive and transparent channels of communication may make the job of an attorney or financial advisor easier and more cost-effective. Through skilled mediation senior adults and their families may gain control of what is important to them and equally support and enhance family relationships in the process.

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