Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney

Anja Klinkert provides a range of legal and mediation services for her clients at an agreed cost.

Anja Klinkert assists clients to draft their wills and to plan for their estate to be administered by the chosen executors and trustees.

Individualised assistance is provided to the executors and trustees to apply for probate and to administer the estate of the deceased.

Anja Klinkert assists people with testamentary / will disputes, i.e. estate planning, testamentary claims and disputes.

General Legal Services include the sale and purchase of residential property and businesses, drafting new wills, powers of attorney, family trusts, family arrangements, relationship property agreements, probate applications and estate administration, as well as sale and purchase agreements, leases, shareholder agreements etc.

Mediation services include working with families, work places, business partnerships, shareholders, boards of trustees and community organisations. Family mediations include working with parents, grandparents, carers and children, as well as mediation between attorneys, aged people, siblings, carers and advisors. Mediation services are provided at a designated and discreet mediation venue in Dunedin.

Elder Person Mediation Services – Anja Klinkert provides a specific service to allow Family members faced with having to make difficult decisions come together with one another and professionals to address difficult decisions inherent in the aging process. Anja Klinkert facilitates discussion among family members, attorneys and aging adults, bringing in professionals (caregivers, medical, financial as required) to enable them to make appropriate decisions. Issues regarding the health and safety of a loved aging adult family member may involve legal and financial considerations which can cause significant family tensions. The role of the mediator is to support and assist the elder person and individual family members in arriving at their own solutions while preserving or improving relationships among the family members. Constructive and transparent channels of communication may make the job of an attorney or financial adviser easier and more cost-effective. Through skilled mediation senior adults and their families may gain control of what is important to them and equally support and enhance family relationships in the process. Please contact Anja Klinkert directly by phone or e-mail or meet with her to discuss your specific requirements.

Anja Klinkert believes in empowering her clients by providing them with her support and sharing her knowledge and skills in order to achieve a positive and realistic outcome. Her approach is to be flexible to her clients’ needs and to do things that make life easier. She has flexible working hours, accepts time payment and provides fixed fee estimates.

Anja Klinkert has over 20 years experience and continues to develop her practice by attending ongoing training and conferences in all of her practice areas. She is a member of the New Zealand Law Society, the Auckland District Law Society, the Family Law Section and the Property Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society, as well as a Mediator Panel Member of AMINZ and Resolution Institute.

Anja Klinkert represents her clients in the Family Court and in the High Court.

Anja Klinkert works as a collaborative professional whereby parties to a dispute agree to try and resolve their dispute by way of a collaborative process utilizing their legal advisors in an out of Court process with face to face meetings, there being no letters or affidavits exchanged between lawyers. She is a member of the Collaborative Lawyers Association, i.e. Collaborative Advocacy New Zealand (CANZ).

Anja Klinkert is an accredited mediator and registered FDR mediation provider. In practice this means that she is appointed by Fairway Resolution Limited and the FDR Centre to act as the mediator in a variety of disputes including family mediation.

Anja Klinkert provides online dispute resolution and certification services utilising Suitebox. The client is assisted to sign documents online and Anja Klinkert is able to witness and certify via Suitebox, which provides an audio-visual recording of the transaction.

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