What is on offer?
Confidential professional legal advice, services, and support from the team at Klinkert Law.

We have two partners and a support team of enthusiasts.

Helen Davidson, Partner of the firm is a practicing lawyer working in Dunedin for 30 plus years.

Anja Klinkert, Partner of the firm is a practicing lawyer, as well as mediator working in Dunedin for 20 plus years.

What services?
Our focus is on assisting families, large and small, partnerships and business entities to resolve disputes and problems in a constructive and private way.

Tailor made services include meeting online utilising SuiteBox and Zoom facilities, as well as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facetime etcetera.

If you are in Dunedin or want to indulge yourself to come here, then we provide legal services from our discreet offices set up to enhance and maximise the experience and performance of all participants.

More information can be found on our pages for property, family, relationship property, wills, estates, powers of attorney, partnership and company and mediation services.

What does it cost?
We are willing to quote on an hourly rate basis or a fixed fee. Please contact Anja Klinkert and Helen Davidson with your specific requirements.

Standard Terms of Engagement

For our Standard Terms of Engagement or Client Contact Information Forms please click here.

Family Law

Klinkert Law acts for people who are separating from their relationship partner.

We assist people to achieve resolution of disputes arising out of relationship separation, which include parenting disputes, property disputes, including business partnership, shareholder and director disputes.

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Relationship Property Law

Relationship property is complex and involves consideration of a number of legal responsibilities and rights.

Klinkert Law provide clients with a comprehensive service that draws on many years of practical experience dealing with a diverse range of property all around New Zealand.

At Klinkert Law we have more than 20 years practical experience in representing clients and working in the area of family law and property law.

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Companies / Partnerships

Klinkert Law works in the area of commercial / company law and property conveyancing, which therefore gives our clients the advantage of working with a law firm that has the practical experience and knowledge to advise them on a wide range of aspects in relation to their business and property affairs.

We incorporate companies, draw up company constitutions, shareholders’ agreements, partnership agreements and leases of premises.

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Property Sales & Purchases / Refinancing / Subdivisions

Property Law is complex and involves consideration of a number of legal rights and responsibilities.

At Klinkert Law, we provide a comprehensive property conveyancing service on a fixed fee basis.

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Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney

Klinkert Law assists clients to draft their wills and to plan for their estate to be administered by the chosen executors and trustees.

Individualised assistance is provided to the executors and trustees to apply for probate and to administer the estate of the deceased.

We also assist people with testamentary / will disputes, i.e. estate planning, testamentary claims and disputes.

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