What is on offer?
A private discreet safe space with Anja Klinkert as your mediator.

Anja Klinkert is a practicing Mediator working in Dunedin, Otago for 20 plus years. She is a Resolution Institute accredited and AMINZ mediator panel member. Her particular focus is on collaborative dispute resolution, child inclusive and trauma informed practice. Her practice area includes family, property, employment, education, and community mediation. She has an ongoing commitment to training and growing as a dispute resolution practitioner, working as mediator, co-mediator, collaborative lawyer, and advocate. She enjoys working with a team approach, including with Martin and now Ravi, the resident Martin Building Staffies.

What services?
Since 2010 services focus on assisting families, large and small, partnerships and business entities to resolve disputes and problems in a constructive and private way. Parties attend mediation with or without legal representatives and the process is tailor made to suit.

Anja Klinkert accepts Ministry of Justice, as well as privately referred mediations in the context of family separation, deceased estates, elder persons and their families, school communities, employment and business relations, shareholder, director, also neighbourhood / general community disputes.

Tailor made services include meeting online utilising SuiteBox and Zoom facilities, as well as Skype, WhatsApp, and Facetime etcetera.

If you are in Dunedin or want to indulge yourself to come here, then mediation is held in a discreet mediation centre set up to enhance and maximise the experience and performance of participants.

Anja Klinkert is also happy to travel to meet client needs.

What does it cost?
We are willing to quote on an hourly rate basis or a fixed fee. Please contact Anja Klinkert with your requirements.

Standard Terms of Engagement

For our Standard Terms of Engagement or Client Contact Information Forms please click here.

Elder Mediation

Family members being confronted with the life challenges faced by an aging senior member can come together to address difficult decisions inherent in the aging process. They engage Anja Klinkert as a mediator to facilitate discussion among themselves, attorneys and aging adults, bringing in professionals (caregivers, medical, financial as required) to enable them to make appropriate decisions.

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Employment Mediation

Anja Klinkert provides mediation services to places of employment, where there is discord between employees, an employee and their employer / manager, and including discord within whole teams. Good employment relationships are vital to the success of a business and working with a mediator at an early opportunity can save both time and money, as well as unnecessary stress.

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Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a process where the mediator provides a safe space for members of a family / whanau to come together to work on resolving a problem / disagreement / dispute. Families have the choice of going to Court where a Judge decides the dispute based on the interpretation of the law or they can choose to engage in mediation to try and reach their own family centered solution or outcome.

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Property / Commercial Mediation

Disputes are a common part of doing business. They often arise in connection with property transactions or the provision of trade or professional services. Mediation sits alongside the Court process and can assist participants to resolve their dispute whilst preserving or even improving their business relationships.

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Relationship Property Mediation

Separating families often disagree about how to divide their assets. Mediation sits alongside the Court process and can assist family members to resolve their property dispute whilst not damaging relations further, and sometimes preserving or even improving their family relationships post separation.

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