Dunedin Employment Mediation Services

employment mediation services dunedin

Anja Klinkert provides mediation services to places of employment, where there is discord between employees, an employee and their employer / manager, and including discord within whole teams.

Good employment relationships are vital to the success of a business and working with a mediator at an early opportunity can save both time and money, as well as unnecessary stress.

Anja Klinkert’s private mediation services sit alongside the Government funded mediation and litigation processes to provide confidential and discreet assistance to businesses to assist with employment relationship problems.

Unbridled discord affects whole families, neighbourhoods, communities and creates bad publicity. In NZ especially one’s business success or failure depends on one’s reputation. Reputation is a legacy we leave behind for future generations.

Mediation focuses on addressing the underlying needs of the participants and to provide them with the ability to understand and accommodate each other’s needs, which are often not mutually exclusive.

Anja Klinkert provides the participants with the experience of examining both sides of the coin to gain greater understanding and to reach an outcome that is commercially viable.

Anja Klinkert provides mediation services alongside her work as a property, family, and employment lawyer with 20 plus years’ experience. And whilst as mediator she does not provide legal advice to the participants, she uses her experience to manage people’s expectations and to reality check the arguments they raise with one another.

Lawyers may be a part of the mediation process, as well as HR professionals, counsellors, and therapists. The focus is on providing the participants with the opportunity to work with the required supports in order for them to find the resolution that fits their situation.

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