Member of Collaborative Advocacy New Zealand

What does that mean?

It means that Helen Davidson and Anja Klinkert assist clients in a professional and collaborative way.

Professional because they have both practiced family law for decades and continue to do so enthusiastically. Family Law Section New Zealand Law Society

Collaboratively because it works and it is a way of working that is transparent and has integrity. For more information visit Collaborative Advocacy New Zealand (CANZ) or view brochure.

What do we do?

Anja Klinkert and Helen Davidson act for people who are separating from their relationship partner.

They assist people to achieve resolution of disputes arising out of relationship separation, which include:

And they both work with children, too:

Helen Davidson represents children Lawyer for the child.

Anja Klinkert works with children in mediation. She provides a process where the child affected by parental separation is given a voice in mediation FDR Voice of the child.

And if you are a grand-parent, stepparent, caregiver? And you are looking for legal advice and support, we can help you. So please contact Helen Davidson or Anja Klinkert.

Family Law also includes wills, estates, probate and letters of administration.

Helen Davidson and Anja Klinkert assist people with testamentary / will disputes, i.e. estate planning and testamentary claims. They prepare applications for probate and letters of administration and assist with / manage the subsequent estate distribution.

Anja Klinkert and Helen Davidson work as a team together with Brodie Bellingham (registered legal executive) and Theresa Leyden (legal administrator), as well as Ravi, the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The team at Klinkert Law are also experienced with property law and bring their enthusiasm and vast experience to benefit clients going through family separation to preserve as much of the family integrity and wealth as possible.

The team at Klinkert Law believe in empowering clients by providing them with support and sharing their knowledge and skills in order to achieve a positive and realistic outcome. Our approach is to be flexible to our clients’ needs and to do things that make life easier. We accommodate flexible working hours, accept time payment and provide fixed fee estimates, wherever possible and we are most certainly child and animal welcoming.

Helen Davidson and Anja Klinkert continue to develop their practice by attending ongoing training and conferences in all of their practice areas. They are members of the New Zealand Law Society, the Auckland District Law Society, the Family Law Section and the Property Law Section of the New Zealand Law Society, as well as a Mediator Panel Member of AMINZ and Resolution Institute.

Helen Davidson and Anja Klinkert represent their clients in the Family Court and in the High Court as a last resort. At Klinkert Law we have a strong focus on out of Court dispute resolution to ensure that clients get put back and remain in the driver’s seat of their family lives.

Anja Klinkert works as a collaborative professional whereby parties to a dispute agree to try and resolve their dispute by way of a collaborative process utilizing their legal advisors in an out of Court process with face to face meetings, there being no letters or affidavits exchanged between lawyers. Anja Klinkert is a member of the Collaborative Lawyers Association, i.e. Collaborative Advocacy New Zealand (CANZ).

Anja Klinkert is an accredited mediator and registered FDR mediation provider. In practice this means that she is appointed by the FDR Centre to act as the mediator in a variety of disputes including family mediation, which is Government funded. She also accepts private appointments to act as mediator in family and relationship property disputes.

Anja Klinkert provides online dispute resolution and certification services utilising Suitebox. The client is assisted to sign documents online using a web camera and Anja Klinkert is able to witness and certify via Suitebox, which provides an audio-visual recording of the transaction. Using Suitebox clients are able to have their signing of prenuptial agreements, as well as separation and relationship property witnessed digitally and online from the comfort of their own home or office anywhere in the world.

Collaborative Advocacy New Zealand Create online agreements quickly and easily for a fraction of the cost FDR Centre Suitebox