Dunedin Mediation Services

Mediation Services

What is on offer?
A discreet safe space with Anja Klinkert or Dani Nicolson working as your mediator.

Anja Klinkert is a practicing Mediator working in Dunedin, Otago for 20 plus years. She is a Resolution Institute accredited and AMINZ mediator panel member. Her particular focus is on collaborative dispute resolution, building teams with people in dispute. She offers extensive experience in all things property and family. On-going trainings are around practicing collaboratively, and in trauma informed and child inclusive ways. She is passionate about on-going commitment to training and growing as a dispute resolution practitioner, working as mediator, co-mediator, collaborative lawyer, and advocate. She enjoys working with Martin and now Ravi, the resident Martin Building Staffies.

Dani Nicolson is an accredited Mediator working in Ōtepoti / Dunedin and wider Otago. She is a professional member of Resolution Institute. Dani has a special interest in communication tools that encourage relationship building and repair, as well as neurobiological techniques for coaching individuals to manage their emotions and sense of power within a challenging or conflictual situation. Dani can assist with mediation in your family (on all matters family related) as well as your business, workplace, partnership, and community organisation.

Like Anja, Dani is a collaboratively trained lawyer/professional. Dani works keenly with other professionals (and with her wonderful team at Klinkert Law) to support you to find the simple or ‘out of the box’ solutions that might be required for your situation.

Both Dani and Anja are accredited FDR Practitioners meaning they provide funded services in Family Dispute Resolution for the NZ Government.

What services?

Since 2010 services on offer include mediating Disputes over:

To resolve disputes and problems in a constructive and private way, parties attend mediation with or without legal representatives or support people. The process is tailor made to suit.

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